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Parker Knoll - Hudson 3 Seater Sofa

Product Information

Compact and versatile with a contemporary feel. This range incorporates all of the comfort hallmarks of the Lifestyle collection.

Pictured here is the Recliner Chair and Three Seater Recliner Sofa in Sabrina Beige and the Two Seater Sofa in Como Taupe.

Available in Range:
Chair - H103cm W97cm D100cm
2 STR SOFA - H103cm W155cm D100cm
3 STR SOFA - H103cm W207cm D100cm
STORAGE FOOTSTOOL - H42cm W108cm D60cm
Also available as recliners.

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Sizes & Features

All measurements are approximate.

Width: 208cm (82.inches)

Height: 100cm (39.inches)

Depth: 100cm (39.inches)


  • Available in a range of fabrics and as recliners


Parker Knoll - Hudson 3 Seater Sofa

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Supplier Information - Parker Knoll

The story began in 1869 with an enthusiastic young furniture maker named Frederick Parker, who set up his own chair making business. In a small room above his father's stables, he could be seen handcrafting the finest furniture for the Victorian gentry.

Frederick was convinced that the only way to produce fine furniture for contemporary use would be by studying the 'old masters'. So he bought a library of books on furniture from the 17th to the 19th centuries, together with carvings and textiles. He faithfully drew on these models and encouraged his craftsmen to acquire and develop traditional skills.

This approach proved successful. After several years, Frederick moved from his loft room to larger production facilities throughout the East End and North London and finally to High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire in 1898. The company Frederick Parker and Sons Ltd was registered in 1904. Their handmade sofas and armchairs had a reputation for quality and excel .. [click to read more]ence, just as they have today. Their ranges include Albany, Froxfield, Hartley, Hudson, Oakham, Penshurst, Regency, Westbury and York.

The Parkers had always been excited by new innovations, so when Willi Knoll from Stuttgart, Germany, put forward a revolutionary idea for spring furniture, Frederick Parker and Sons saw the design as having great potential.

Knoll's unique idea was a tension and suspension spring made of coiled steel wire, which was attached across both the seat and back of the chair for extra comfort. Legend has it that in the First World War, a German fighter pilot, fed up with the uncomfortable seat in his fighter, got hold of some short coil springs and used them as the base for a more comfortable seat. This pilot was known to Willi Knoll and may have been the inspiration for the use of springs in his own chairs.

From this new idea, a new partnership was born. At the British Industries Fair in February 1931, the company Parker Knoll was founded.

Today the team at Parker Knoll continue to innovate and lead the market in design, technology and fabric development, bringing you beautifully made furniture which provides unparalleled comfort and timeless design.

Parker Knoll Company Video - The New Direction

This short video from Parker Knoll demonstrates how they have worked hard to strengthen the brand over the last 2 years. From their new showrooms in Long Eaton, to bespoke retail showroom and even a national billboard advertising campaign! Parker Knoll's extensive range of beautifully designed upholstery combines stylish pieces, with sumptuous comfort.

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