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BilliB - Fulton Traditional Clock

Product Information

Artistry, integrity and authenticity are benchmarks of our collections. To own one of our triple chime masterpieces is to share in the rich heritage with which our collection was created to preserve. Some of the finest clocks ever made are a fitting tribute to the traditions of a past era.

This Model features pewter and brass style details with mirrored back and lighting.

1/4 cable movement with triple chime - Westminster, St. Michael and Whittington- on 12 chime rods, up to 24 bronze bushings - chain or cable drums, counterlock, minute wheel pinion, 2nd wheel, heartwheel, centershaft and strikestar pinions-, pallet anchor with stationary escapement -Graham-, automatic beat adjustment, cable winding stops, cable movements with maintaining power, separate chime shut-off for hour and melody with weight drop.

Size: H80 x W23 x D11 inches

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  • Mahogany Finish
  • Triple chimes
  • Chime shut off
  • Excellent delivery service direct from Billib


BilliB - Fulton Traditional Clock

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Supplier Information - BilliB

BilliB have teamed up with some of the finest manufacturers in the world giving BilliB the benefit of over 300 years of experience, quality & craftmanship.

BilliB is a registered trade mark of this family owned business, which was established in 1969, they have many years experience of marketing Grandfather Clocks, Mantle Clocks and Wall Clocks via a large network of independent retail outlets.

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